Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“D” Is for Day Trips in Southern Illinois

One of the Mississipian mounds at the Cahokia Mounds site
Illinois is a huge state, even if you just look at the southern portion. There is so much to see and to here, there is no way to take it in during a single vacation. If you live close enough or even if you are a resident of the region, consider breaking the excursions into day trips.

A day trip is just what it sounds like. You travel to a destination, explore and enjoy it and return home the same day. This saves on motel costs and if you pack meals, you can save even more. Of course you might want to experience local cuisine so think that one over carefully.

What Types of Trips Can You Plan?

That is entirely up to you. The options are as vast as your imagination For example:

Historical Interests:

  • Abraham Lincoln – Visit the site of one of the Lincoln Douglas debates and have a picnic.
  • Trail of Tears – Follow the trail the Cherokee followed during their resettlement
  • Museums – Many of the midsize small towns have museums dedicated to their past, their industry or their famous sons and daughters

Natural Interests:

  • The Shawnee National Forest covers most of the bottom of the state and offers numerous back-to-nature experience
  • Fort Massac is the first state park created in Illinois and provides scenic views of the Ohio River and educational experiences through annual reenactments
  • Ferne Clyffe State park is home to more than 700 plant types and boasts 2 intermittent waterfalls.
  • Garden of the Gods is a look back in time at limestone and other rock formations left behind after the ice age.
  • Hiking and riding trails abound at these and other parks.


  • The Superman Festival in Metropolis is an annual event that draws thousands every year.
  • The Popcorn Festival in Ridgway, The Vulture Festival in Makanda and the Wonder Water Reunion in Creal Springs all pay homage to their communities pasts or place in the eco-structure.

  • Follow the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail or the Southern Illinois Wine Trail to experience the finest wines Illinois has to offer.
  • Harrah’s Casino provides entertainment of an adult variety

I have to stop this post here because I could go on for hours. Keep checking back to find more interesting places to visit and things to do in Southern Illinois.


MM the Queen of English said...

found your site from your comment on Oak lawn photo blog. I live in northern Southern Illinois. I didn't know all that awaits me only a few hours south. Thanks for sharing.

MM the Queen of English

Marie Anne said...

Are you offering to play tour guide, Theresa? All of this sounds great!

Nicki Elson said...

I read your headline and was like "Say wine trail, say wine trail, say wine trail..." and you did! I live in northern Illinois and haven't actually been to the southern wine trail yet, but I've heard plenty of great things, so it's been on my to-do list for a while. Time I get there, huh?

Thanks for this post. :) The national forest and Superman fest are also intriguing.

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