Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bald Eagle Watching in Southern Illinoios

I remember years ago, growing up in Chicago, hearing how Bald Eagles were endangered. I thought at the time that my chances of ever seeing one in my life time were slim to none. Certainly these majestic symbols of our country would never be found above the skyscrapers of the loop.

Twelve years ago I moved to southern Illinois and found a very rural lifestyle appealing. People I met would occasionally mention spotting a Bald Eagle and I would smile and think, “Sure you did. Time to get those glasses checked.” Just this past year, I spotted my own along a desolate stretch of county road on the eastern side of the state, just north of Brookport. That’s him in the photo.

When I got home I did a little research about Bald Eagles in this part of the state. These birds actually populate 49 out of the 50 states and have made a remarkable comeback. (Read more)


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

We saw an eagle on a trail ride last summer. Gorgeous, although he startled the horses a bit.

Linda Ann

Lyn Lomasi, said...

That's one thing I miss about our former Houston home. The bald eagles would soar over our place every day. It was amazing.

Andrea Coventry said...

That's amazing. I've yet to see one!

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Wanda said...

They are very majestic birds. I have only seen one at a zoo.

The Watered Soul