Monday, April 4, 2011

"C" Is for Cache River

The Cache River Wetlands is an area my family and I discovered last year. It will be springing to life like many other preserve areas as April unfurls its’ warm, wet blanket on the Earth. If you have never visited the state natural area, put it on your calendar for this spring or summer. For today’s post, I’ve decided to share some photos of my visit there last year.
Information abounds throughout the park, along its walkways.
This is a pair of giant Cypress trees we found on one of trails in the wetlands.
The baseof the giant Bald Cypress which is hundreds of years old
If you want to know more about what the wetlands offer, you can find it here.


Marie Anne said...

I love hiking in places like that. I'm hoping we have a stretch of decent weather so I can take the dogs out to the State Park in my area soon.

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Theresa Wiza said...

My daughter lives in southern Illinois. It's beautiful down there (not far from Rend Lake).

PK said...

I keep looking for a "like" button! Anyway. . .love the Cache area. :)

Keena said...

Your pictures are awesome!!