Sunday, October 10, 2010

Southern Illinois Haunted Places: Choate Mental Health and Development Center

Choate Mental Health and Development Center has history, mystery and a Pumpkintown to see in October.

Southern Illinois has its share of supposedly haunted places and the 140+ year old facility called Choate Mental Health and Development Center is one of them. I visited last fall during Union County’s Colorfest Celebration and learned about the history of the place. As you plan your fall or Halloween activities, keep Choate Mental Health and Development Center in mind.

The original building was known as the Anna State Hospital for the Insane. It was built in 1869 and the firs residents were housed in the north wing in 1875. A fire damaged the north wing in 1881 and was the wing was rebuilt the following year. A series of fires over the next several years caused more damage and ultimately several upper floors were removed.

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